It all hung by a thread, but the most improbable thing had happened, they had survived. They didn’t know it; and wouldn’t know for some time, but Wedgett had saved them all. He had succeeded where the greatest of the halfling Wolfpaws would have failed. “Follow the bones,” Middred had said “we must send them alone, with Wedgett as their guide.” She didn’t know why — and there was much disagreement amongst the elders. Eventually they agreed to send Wedgett. They sent Wedgett and he went to the wrong tree.

They didn’t fathom that Wedgett knew of the true “Leaf Ear,” the one for which the calcified stump was named. Let alone, they would not believe that he would be able to chart the three month journey out of their lands and into the Old wood. It was four days north to the tree known as “Leaf’s Lost Ear.” A short jaunt.

But, lets back up and talk about how it all began — so we see the sublime humour of one of history’s greatest escapes.

Rael - The White Crown of Winter

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